Hello and Welcome to the Crocodile Farm!

I’m Claudia, I was born in Germany and raised in South Africa. The love of my life is Africa. I’ve been in the creative business my entire working life. I started out as a darkroom technician in the days before digital was heard of. Over the years I have developed a thorough understanding of the movie industry from raising greenbacks to  finding the perfect location. Obviously my preferred  playground is Africa where I have a team of wonderful and inspiring people who deliver the goods!

It is with absolute pleasure and delight that I facilitate movie shoots, product launches or events in Africa. But don’t forget that Africa also has breath taking scenery wich is worth seeing “just because”. You need no reason, only desire. I’ll lead you by the hand, show you places that have changed my perception for ever! These are places reserved for those wishing to expand their vision, places that will move your soul.

See Africa from a bird’s eye view, carnivore or ocean bound. Africa is the last frontier. It’s an adventure, a dream come true.

For a personal und unforgettable experience for you, your family, or your colleagues contact me. Let’s communicate and see how I may be of service to you.

Recently heaps of fun was had by the team when Sir Richard Branson launched Virgin Money in South Africa. Sir Richard Branson indicated that money was not the issue, rather a wild idea and concept. As usual Sir Richard Branson prooved to be a fearless entrepeneur as he personally performed the hair raising stunts which we assigned him to!

Richard is good-looking and very smart, which is sexy to start with. He also makes a billion dollars before breakfast and still knows how to have fun - Ivana Trump

 A good read Loosing My Virginity and Screw It - Let’s Do It  by Sir Richard Branson